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"Listen to Your Art" Lecture Series - Sacred and Wild: The Art of Virginia María Romero

Updated: May 12

UPDATE: The video of this lecture can be viewed here:


Looking forward to giving this presentation on Friday, March 18 at 1:30pm. Please join us by Zoom!

From the City of Las Cruces:

The next “Listen to Your Art” lecture with the Museum of Art will take place on Friday, March 18 at 1:30pm. Elizabeth Harvey will present “Sacred and Wild: The Art of Virginia Maria Romero.” Please use the following link, meeting ID, and passcode to access the lecture on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 82502249467

Passcode: 541331

Elizabeth Harvey is a licensed mental health counselor in New Mexico. Her approach incorporates connection with the natural world through nature walk and talk therapy, as well as the power of story for healing through narrative therapy. In her counseling practice, Elizabeth offers support for a wide range of experiences, including grief, trauma, and navigating life changes. Her work includes exploring with clients how creative self-expression can contribute to meaning and wellbeing in life.

“Sacred and Wild: The Art of Virginia Maria Romero” explores the work of nationally and internationally renowned artist Virginia María Romero, a resident of Las Cruces. Romero, a visionary artist, master santera, and poet brings together the holy and the wild in images of saints and animals, and provokes a reconsideration of constructs of separateness through her Crossing Boundaries series. The powerful wordless knowing of Romero’s subjects invites connection with spiritual mystery, the ineffable, and the possibility of shared experience.

For more information, please contact Bryan Lee, Education Curator, at or 575-541-2217.

Image: Crossing Boundaries: White Wolf (2021) Copyright Virginia María Romero

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