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Desert Reflection Cards

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

I’m happy to share that Desert Reflection Cards have arrived in Las Cruces and are available at Barnes and Noble Las Cruces. They’re also available for purchase online . More information below:

Desert Reflection Cards

This 67-card deck pairs photo images of the land, plants, and wildlife of the New Mexico desert with prompts for reflection and contemplation. The deck contains an instruction book and identification guide of the creatures, features, plants, and places that turn up, almost all of them found in the Chihuahuan Desert.

From the instruction booklet:

"Special moments in nature can stay with us, giving us a sense of connection with the web of life around us and a deeper understanding of ourselves. As an ecotherapist, I’ve found healing and wisdom in deeply relating with the natural world of the New Mexico desert where I live. I hope these cards invite you into reflection on the beauty of the natural world and its messages. May you find comfort, grounding, insight, growth, and support for cultivating connection with nature where you are. I hope you feel more like yourself, and more a part of a larger whole, as you use these cards."

How to Use Desert Reflection Cards

There’s no single “right” way to use these cards. They’re meant as a guide, a prompt, a jumping-off place for exploration. If you’re feeling spontaneous, draw a card and see where it leads you. Feel free to focus on a topic that speaks to you. If you want to go deeper with a particular quality or concept, leave the card where you can see it as a reminder as long as you’d like to focus on it. Have fun! You might even want to experiment with making your own cards with images and words that are meaningful to you.

Important Disclaimers:

Website and social media are not therapy or a replacement for therapy, and content shared here is for informational purposes only. Interaction on social media or with website content does not constitute a provider-client relationship.

Therapeutic tools such as Desert Reflection Cards may be shared online to make them available to the public but are not marketed directly to clients. Posting information about these tools is not intended as marketing directed towards counseling clients.

As an artist and photographer in the community, clients may sometimes come across my work on display or for sale. Art made available publicly is not marketed to clients. Work as an artist and photographer is performed in a separate role from work as a licensed counselor.


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