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Wellness Consulting and Presentations 

Please get in touch if you'd like to learn more about consulting services and presentations in support of wellbeing for your organization.


Topics and themes:

  • self-care and wellbeing techniques in stressful environments

  • incorporating nature in support of wellbeing

  • supporting creativity

  • managing life changes and career transitions


Reach out to learn more:

Recent presentations:

Kinship Photography Collective

  • When Seeing Becomes Love: A Kinship Community Trio With Julie Williams Dixon, Kim Manley Ort, and Elizabeth Abrams - Finding Meaning and Wellbeing In Connecting with the Natural World Through Photography


Semper Fi & America's Fund

  • Practical and Sustainable Gardening for Wellbeing

  • Ecotherapy for Wellbeing

Las Cruces Museum of Art

New Mexico Counseling Association

  • Ecotherapy in the Office: Incorporating Nature in Counseling 


Jardin de los Niños

  • Virtual Garden Tour and Planting Activity for Elementary Students

New Mexico State University

  • Mental Health Counseling: Career Path and Options

  • Animal Assisted Therapy Approaches

Quantum Storytelling Conference

  • Nature Walk and Talk Therapy: Together-Telling with People and Place

  • Death and Life: Grief, Creative Expression, and Interconnection

  • Storytelling Together: Humans, Nature, and the Co-Creation of Healing Narrative

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