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Song for Spring

I recently made an intentional journey into a canyon to release the old and welcome the new for the change of season into spring. I spent time with jackrabbits, trees, desert, birds, mountains, wind. As they sometimes do, words came along with the journey, so here they are.

An large old alligator juniper tree with green foliage against a clear blue sky with rocks around the base of the trunk
Juniper Tree

Song for Spring

Cast off the crumbling shell of curses that have no power, discard the husk of possibilities that died on the vine.

Emerge from the ground like a noonish snake onto warm stone. Soak golden beams into your heart’s blooms, ready to unfurl with the mountain’s protection.

Release regret to be carried off like dust on surging currents of breeze, making space for the spring of earth and soul.

Find a tree for shelter and overlook, roots anchored by rock, branches unbothered by the gale.

Climb, climb to a high point. Surrender to the whipping wind and let it scourge you clean.

Stretch yourself out in all directions. Become one with the infinite openness over the landscape.

Shelter in the quiet shade of stones, resting and regathering the energy of ancient strength.

Descend, renewed, with ears to hear like the jackrabbits whose ears catch warm rays.

Go down with a new song gathered from every chirping, hopping, warbling friend that has blessed your path.

See clearly, as from the promontory of the strong tree, with timeless eyes and wizened yet supple heart.

Carry the strength of the stones in your skin, alive and breathing yet rooted to the center of the earth.

Soak in the warming light, feel it flow in your veins to the fingertips, the sap of a new season coming forth through your body.

Fly down on lighter feet, letting the trail thorns remind you that you can feel.

Kneel and wash your hands in the soft arroyo sand, humming a song of thanks.

Live in this spring, live. It is for you.

~This poem will be included in the 2021 Quantum Storytelling Annual Review.

A large pink-toned boulder covered in patches of grey-blue, orange and chartreuse lichens in bright sunlight
Colorful lichens on rock

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