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Nature Mandala: Marking Transitions

This is an example of making a mandala with materials gathered from nature to mark an important transition. In this case it was moving out of a home. At this time of year, there was a confetti of rose petals, leaves, and feathers in the courtyard. This mandala is made from those found materials and what was growing in the yard.

A mandala can be a symbol of completeness. Embracing change, I left the mandala to be blown by the wind back into its original components. It is a peaceful meditation you can do with just the materials you find outside and can help with many kinds of transitions and letting go. This can be a supportive creative ritual for transitions or major life events.

  • Examples: moving out of or into to a home; loss of a person or pet; end (or beginning) of a relationship; graduation; new career endeavor

A nature mandala may symbolize:

  • An intimate representation of the natural environment of a place

  • Gathering in and letting go; a cycle of creation and destruction

  • Acceptance that change is inevitable

Simple steps:

  • Gather materials from location (respectfully): leaves, stones, flower petals, feathers, seeds.

  • Allow materials (if all natural) to return to nature in their time.


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