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Thank you for visiting to learn more about therapy options to support a healthier life through an integrative and nature-based approach to mental health.


Desert Therapy Center serves adult clients in the state of New Mexico by providing a safe, caring environment to assist with personal growth and navigating challenging seasons of life.

Specialty areas and offerings include:

  • nature walk and talk therapy (ecotherapy)

  • story-based and strengths-based therapy 

  • creativity for wellbeing and professional growth

  • exploring intergenerational issues

  • wellness presentations and consulting for organizations.

This practice values equity, diversity, and inclusion, and strives to welcome clients of all abilities, genders, races, countries of origin, sexual orientations, and religions.

Specialties and Approaches

Specialties and Approaches


The natural world offers much in the way of healing, from a quieter place to reconnect with feelings, to a guide for experiencing the seasons of life, and a chance to observe and relate to wildlife, the landscape, and natural phenomena. Experiencing nature and exploring ways to care for nature can both be great sources of healing and meaning. Now offering Nature Walk and Talk Therapy in the Las Cruces, NM area.

Story-Based Therapy

A story-based approach to therapy drawn from narrative therapy provides a way to harness the power of story for healing. This means that we work together to:​

  • understand where your story came from and where you want it to go

  • identify and externalize negative messages that falsely define you

  • identify the strengths that have gotten you through your toughest challenges

  • visualize the story you want to live and start to create it.

Envisioning the future you want and can see yourself living has so much power in helping you get there.

Embracing Creativity

Embracing creativity can enrich our lives and bring new energy into our days. This counseling practice offers help for clients to nurture creativity in their lives. This can mean becoming more free in self-expression, exploring new creative activities and media, overcoming fear and blocks, cultivating a physical space for creative expression, and bringing creative work forth into the world if desired. Please reach out if you are looking for support in living a more creative life. 

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